Stay Grounded !

Here are a few techniques to keep you focused and grounded during these times we know that often boredom and procrastination can set in and derail us from doing things that are pertinent to our daily routine even though or normal daily routine has been altered by working from home and staying at home. Read…

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Coping During Quarantine

During these unprecedented times, we are seeing more and more the negative effects of being in a quarantine state, we must be mindful of what we are mentally ingesting, watching the news 24 hours a day of the pandemic can cause anxiety and depression, which can lead to isolation and avoidance.  I have attached a…

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Self Care Encouragement

During Covid-19 its imperative to manage your mental health as well as your physical health. Using methods such as washing your hands more often can be taxing on your mental health as well as your emotional health. These are very trying times and prayer and patience are what’s needed. Please remember to check on your…

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For The Brothers !!!!

Black men have historically had to adhere to skewed standards of masculinity, with expectations to simply suck it up and get through it.

You Can Be Strong And Still Seek Help

“Even when you sign the contract of a lifetime, your anxiety doesn’t just fade away. You are still playing a high-intensity game that wears on you every day, beating you down physically and emotionally. But there’s always a way to get help.” Please click the following link to read the full article.  

Words Gone Unnoticed

Oftentimes, when someone is struggling with their mental health, they won’t come right out and say it. Some may hint at what they are feeling, hoping others pick up on the clues. Others may use language that means “I need help” without actually saying the words — because saying them can sometimes make it feel…

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Faith Over Panic

In today’s busy world we are faced with so much, little pay -increasing bills, jobs that are so demanding – yet the reward of having a job is much to nothing . Needless to say it’s we must have some type of income , or our daily lives would pretty much be in shambles. Which…

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No Stigma !

It’s vital for people to recognize that mental health issues are not a reason for shame, but rather a condition that requires treatment by a professional. Anxiety, depression, panic attacks, eating disorders, social phobias and similar problems are not a sign of personal weakness. They are simply conditions that, when treated successfully, can result in…

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Help For All Children

The transition from high school to college is a considerable process that can prove to be a source of significant pressure for students. This transition places particular weight upon those with psychiatric disabilities. About 30% of college students struggle with schoolwork due to a mental illness. The challenges these students face and the accommodations they require pose…

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Helping A Loved One

I have personally experienced the difficulty of encouraging a loved one to seek professional and spiritual help to understand and treat their mental health issue. The task is hard! They believe nothing is wrong with them but for those of on from the outside we see a different picture, however, the question remains are we equipped…

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