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Having Healthy Friendships

It’s a huge advantage if you have neighbors who are near and who care enough to walk through life with you. Friends who share wisdom with you on how to overcome life’s struggles are even more valuable. Why don’t more churches function like this? Read the following article and remember that in order to have…

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Close The Pill Bottle

Often times medication is the go to treat many psychological issues , however they can be mind altering as well as mood altering , read the above article on when medication doesn’t work …who know you may not need it !

Be Prepared !

Mental illness is unpredictable by nature and crises can, do and will happen. Although these crises can’t always be prevented, it is possible to be prepared.

Traumatic Emotional Bonding

Traumatic bonding is an old term. Sadly, it is “new” for a lot of people because it isn’t spoken about as often as it should be. That’s a problem. Read the following article

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