Empowerment Counseling Ministries is the perfect name. They however, do more than empower and counsel, they give life meaning. When life almost knocked me down and left me feeling worthless I was able to lean on Mr. Armstrong. He listened with the ear of a dear friend. Then helped me  to create a better picture for my life with the wisdom of a seasoned mentor. I am glad to know there are still people in this world that genuinely care and want me to live my best life. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for being there when I needed you and remembering me and my family in prayer -KG


Empowerment Counseling Ministries has been very beneficial to me and my family in a number of unspeakable ways. Dr. Armstrong has exercised the highest level of confidentiality, professionalism and most importantly genuine concern and care. Dr. Armstrong is accommodating and sensitive to your lifestyle needs and therefore exercises a level of flexibility for his sessions that are able to meet Even the most busiest of needs. His sessions are not extended past the designated time frame and utilizes as much time as needed.

I highly recommend Empowerment Counseling Ministries to anyone in need of a personal, intimate counseling experience. -DN


Dr. Armstrong is a supportive and compassionate professional who listens well and knows the right things to say. I’ve known him for over a decade and his character has not wavered since we’ve met. If you need an excellent counselor for situations that come up in life, choose Dr. Armstrong.

You won’t be disappointed! -Derek P


I have seen Dr.Armstrong in action from counseling  his clients to officiating a wedding. I really enjoy watching him in action and how he interacts with his client and their  families. He is very professional and it shows through his interactions with his clients, you can see that he’s passionate  in what he does. He is blessed with this God given talent which reflects the happiness and love that his clients has for him. -DD


My husband and I cannot express how abundantly blessed and honored we were and are to have such a gifted and talented man of God and expert in his field as the officiant of our wedding 2/24/18 and as our marriage counselor. If in need there is none better than THE DR. B L Armstrong, of Empowerment Ministries. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS!!!! -VG


I’ve known Dr. Armstrong for over 30 years. He is an experienced counselor and pastor. Dr. Armstrong has counseled and mentored me in the ministry. If you are looking for a good counselor to help you talk with Dr. Armstrong. Great man of God. – AG


Dr Armstrong has integrity; he is very insightful, and most of all, dependable. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking counseling or therapy combined with a faith-based approach, but not with a churchy feeling.

You rock Dr A – D. Burchette


I highly recommend Empowerment Counseling Ministry to anyone in need of their service-I have known Dr.Bobby Armstrong since our days at Northeast Jr.High and he has always maintained the upmost respect for others and their situations. Dr.Armstrong has a passion for helping others and resolving any and all issues that you may be in need of assistance of. He is a true Pilar in our community and church and he welcomes everyone with open arms. Thank You Dr.Armstrong for all you have done for myself as well as my family. – JM


I’ve known Dr. Armstrong since high school. Has always been an individual who works and takes care of people and business. – Atty M. Huggins


Dr Armstrong works diligently in helping individuals and couples with premarital and marital counseling.. his sincerity can be appreciated. – TY